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Why Miinto app?

The Miinto app is a quick and easy way how to sell your products on the Miinto channel, build your brand awareness and increase the traffic to your CCV Shop store. The Miinto order synchronization functionality provides the product data export and the order synchronization as user-friendly as possible.

Not the ordinary web shop but a fashion collective. The Miinto concept is based on collaboration with shop owners and brands giving them the opportunity of selling online in a wiser way. Miinto is hosting more than thousand physical boutiques offering a wide selection of styles while giving consumers the convenient way of still shopping local. The partnership between Miinto, shops and brands is done by integration of POS systems, ordering systems and web shops sharing knowledge and optimizing sales.

Benefits of the Miinto app

  • Miinto product data and order sync API integration - the API connection is responsible for the smooth processing of product data and orders placed on the Miinto channel. The Miinto order is uploaded to the connected CCV Shop store, the related product stock is updated accordingly.
  • The shipment information is synchronized in both directions - the Miinto channel and CCV Shop store.
  • Google Analytics Integration - the app can be easily integrated with the Google Analytics service - it allows you to analyze the performance statistics of your products.
  • Advanced product data modification - adjust the product price, use dynamic transformation, set up various export conditions, etc.
  • Advanced filtering option - filter and export selected product data based on an attribute or a category filtering.
  • Free trial available - you can test the Miinto app within the month of the app installation for free!

How does the app work?

The Miinto app allows you to advertise and sell easily on the Miinto channel. To set up the Miinto app please follow the steps below:

  • Install the Miinto app in your CCV Shop by clicking the INSTALL button above and follow the installation process.
  • After successful app installation, continue with setting your Miinto feeds up. Here is the link to the Miinto integration manual.
  • Turn the order synchronization ON in your Koongo account.

Please contact the Koongo representative for the Miinto order synchronization setup.


The Miinto app is limited to 5000 products. For unlimited product option please install also the Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool app.


About Koongo

The Koongo story has begun in spring 2007, originally known as NoStress Commerce company, we targeted to Magento users. In that time we created the community portal Magento.CZ to increase the popularity of Magento platform in the Czech and the Slovak Republic. The Koongo brand was introduced in 2013 and since then, we focused on the feed and affiliate marketing. In 2014 we announced a new product Koongo as a Service with the first integrations available for several shopping platforms. The Koongo apps for CCV Shop was introduced in 2015.

To get more information about Koongo please visit www.koongo.com.


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Website www.koongo.com
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